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Wallpaper - Turn Ordinary to Extraordinary

Wallpaper is like a shot of Botox for a tired-looking room. Sure, paint will perk it up, but paper adds more than just colour; it gives walls character, dimension, and pattern.

A beautiful wallpaper in your home has the ability to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Many sites will tell you you can hanging wallpaper is a DIY job, however if you wall corners aren't plumb or you are hanging a high end paper it is best to have a professional painter and decorator hang your paper for you. At $200-$400 a roll it can be costly if you don't get it right.

Frontier Painting has an old school trained wallpaper hanging master.

Pricing is dependant on a number of factors, the substrate condition, the intricacy of the pattern, the amount of space you would like wallpapered and the type of wall paper you have chosen.

Contact us for a no obligation, free quote to turn your room from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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