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Choosing Home Office Colours

Scandinavian Look

In general, painting your home office is a little different than painting a professional office space.

For starters, this is inside your home. If you can’t stand the color yellow there are not enough promises of a happy, creative workspace that will get you to change your mind.

In some cases, people who work from a home office feel like keeping the wall colors neutral is best. They opt to add an accent wall or paint the trim a different color or use décor and furnishing items to break it up.

Others prefer a revamped workspace without any correlation to the rest of the colors in the house. This helps them to focus on work and not get tempted by personal comfort.

Balance in a home office is important. If you paint your walls a sky blue, don’t use a similar blue for the trim or an accent wall. Break it up a bit with white.

The Different Effects of Colors on Mood

Famed color psychologist Angela Wright developed the Color Affects System. Ms. Wright set out to prove there was a correlation between colors and human behavior. In 1984, she wrote the Wright Theory after years of studying colors and their effect on humans’ mood and behavior.

To this day, psychologists use her theory and the Color Affects System as the benchmark of color psychology. Using the four primary colors, Ms. Wright concluded:

Blue: Mind

The color blue stimulates the mind, leading to more productivity. The hues of the blue color palette are ideal for staying focused in repetitive industries. Accounting offices often use blue paint colors to increase productivity and keep their employees focused.

Red: Body

As mentioned, red evokes a sense of urgency, so for physical jobs like construction, red will stimulate their energy levels.

Yellow: Emotion

Yellow stimulates emotion, which makes it an ideal color for creative industries. It also evokes feelings of happiness and can brighten spirits.

Green: Balance

We may think of green as the color of money, and in a way it is. Green is all about balance, calmness, and reassurance. So if you work in the financial industry, green works well at your office color.

Best Prices, Best Service, Best Guarantee

Choosing the best office paint colors may be a little easier now that you know what to look for and avoid. So, now what?

Depending on the size of your office and if you’re going with a custom paint color, it may be best to let the pros handle it. Get in contact with Frontier Painting for a no obligation, free quotation

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