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Cooling and Energy Efficient Roof Coatings

Dark colored roofs soak up more sun, and by the day goes by the interior of your home gets progressively hotter; temperature of rooms below becomes unbearable, even with insulation in which is creating your air conditioning to be over worked. Extreme heat on roofs without thermal coatings effect the life of your roof structure even though ceiling insulation helps once the heats inside the roof space the ceiling insulation delays the heat transfer process making it harder for your home to cool down effectively.

when using "new Technology" paint coatings home owners are able to cut down air conditioning cost by cooling down the interior of there homes becoming more energy efficient. You we be able to save money with the durability of your roof structer over time with the thermal coat protecting against heat wear down.

Now you ask how effective can Cool Thermal Roof Coatings be compared to Conventional White Roof Coatings well in study we have tested our thermal coatings compared to general coats and we have proven that cool roof coatings can drop temperature by 6.6.C, please advise below.

How does Thermal Roof Coats work? Well imagine sunscreen it helps us against UV rays which stop our skin from damaging well cool roofs coatings are similar our thermal coats protect our roofs by reflecting UV rays, infrared and visible light whilst being waterproof keeping your roof more durable and giving it a longer life span.

In summary cool roofs can be highly durable, they have a cost benefit to home owners and are actually an investment to your home, cool roof coatings are good for the environment and our health, Welcome to an energy effective and beneficial product.

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