Over time, timber decks and polished concrete floors naturally lose their protective layer, exposing them to damage from the harsh NT weather. Luckily, a good re-coat is all that’s needed to restore protection. It is recommended to re-coat every 1-2 years to keep your outdoor areas looking fresh.

When it comes to staining or painting outdoor decks and floors, it’s trickier than you might think to achieve an even layer with consistent colour that provides total protection. But, that’s what we do, so call in the experts.


We can help you paint or stain new decks, restore old ones, change the look of an outdoor area or resurface concrete floors. No job is too big or too small for our trusted, prompt and professional team. While we can help with any of your residential painting needs, when it comes to outdoor floors and decks we offer:


  • Expert advice – Our 30+ years of painting experience makes your life easier

  • The full service – If your deck needs sanding, there’s rotten timber that needs replacing or you want cracked concrete repaired, we’ve got a full team of specialists who will get the job done quickly and easily

  • Experience with the NT climate – Outdoor decks and floor painting must be done in ideal weather conditions to prevent problems down the line. We know NT weather and how to work with it

  • Thorough preparation – Painting or staining straight over an old surface will give you a substandard finish. Our careful preparation process ensures a great finished look that will last for years to come


We know that paying attention to the finer details makes all the difference when it comes to creating a perfect finish on your outdoor floor or deck.

With your FREE, comprehensive and itemised quote, we’ll detail the exact process we’ll be using to create an excellent finish. Generally, this will include:

  • Thorough cleaning – Water blasting your deck or outdoor floor prior to painting or staining is not only necessary to ensure dirt and debris doesn’t prevent proper adhesion, it’ll also open up the surface so it’ll absorb the stain better

  • Detailed preparation – We’ll bang any lose nails in again, remove all mould, repair damage and sand back the existing surface if necessary so we can create the best possible finish

  • Protection of your home and garden – If there’s any risk of stain or paint damaging your home or garden we’ll cover and tape it off to protect it

  • UV sealing – Giving your deck extra protection from the harsh NT sun will result in a longer-lasting finish that won’t need to be resealed so frequently

  • Choice of quality brands – We will advise you on the best type of paint or stain for your outdoor floor or deck but give you the final say on which quality brand you’d prefer to use

  • Clean-up – We’ll leave your spruced-up deck, floor or outdoor area clean and remove all rubbish from your home so you’re all ready to barbecue


While all our work is supervised by our supervisor, they’ll also complete a quality check once we’ve finished painting or staining your floor or deck. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll also ask you to inspect our work to make sure you’re 100% happy.  We’ll then leave you with a small tub of matching stain and/or paint to make touch-ups, additions or re-coating easy.

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