Strata & Body Corporate Painting Services

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Frontier Painting understands that no property is the same. Colour selections and paint applications will differ according to the budget, timeline, and other requirements of your project.


We are experienced in delivering high quality solutions for any painting project.

Take a load off and let us handle the running around and careful coordination involved in body corporate projects. Our specialist team will communicate and work closely with all the owners and parties involved from the body corporate, including real estate agents and tenants.

We understand that more stakeholders means more variables to be taken into account when conducting our works, and are sensitive to the needs of everyone involved. Frontier Painting will always strive to achieve the best overall outcome with the fewest disruptions to the tenants day to day lives as possible.

Our Workmanship is covered by a 2 year warranty and we only use top line products, applied as per the manufacturers directions so you have piece of mind with not only the Workmanship warranty but also the Manufacturers Warranty.

Painting Maintenance Plans can be tailored to your Body Corporate situation.

Protect your property investments with Frontier Painting's maintenance plans. Our tailored strategies protect all structures, regardless of size and are designed to provide long-term savings by maximising the life of existing surfaces.

Planned periodic maintenance painting does not mean that all surfaces should be painted regardless of the condition of the existing coating.  Some surfaces might only require annual washing or cleaning. 

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